my 2011 in words.

All over  the world, people celebrated the new year. Did I? that is not the point. All over the world , people gave a new meaning to the year and said something or wrote something down.’oh, what they call the new year resolution? .’ I never wrote one, So, you see,  it is not even about that.

‘2011?’ My most Interesting year, so far! ‘Really??‘ oh! yh!. I was going to write this just as the year was ending . I was hoping it would end with something mindblowing but that was shattered. ‘oh, how bad!. Not to worry, I have gotten over that. So, smile!!

Don’t misunderstand me. Of course, the new year to us, Muslims is dated in  hijrah(AH) and not in AD or what we call, CE. But, the gregorian calendar is still very much what many of us use in setting dates. We dont celebrate the ‘new year’ because it is not a recognised festival/celebration in our religion.

Okay. So, ‘what is so interesting about 2011?‘ trust me, many are so grounded in codes am not going to be breaking. ‘then why write about it?‘ DON’T MIND ME PLEASE.

Hmmmmn! talk of rediscovering oneself and I’d tell you that happened. An exploration of an inner me, that even though I knew I could get to, I had always kept ‘underground’. Somehow, the strength came, and I went deep and brought it out!

A change from a modular system of study that kept you seated on some pain in the butt-giving wood, listening to tales, boring, you could almost run far, far away, to a grandeur where you are most likely to define your own goals and you alone might work out how to achieve them. The one that makes the folks you work on look you up with respect,  aiming for some comfort. The one that keeps you in a regalia that puts you on a level of pride, head high, gait tall. But of course, not without its responsibility, the type you must learn to take!

And about someone I love getting that thing everyone hopes for without much stress.  ?The one person am working so hard to emulate in some aspect, you’d understand.

oh la! La! No break like that ever. So so so fun and so so sad. The friends I made, I want to forever keep. The laughs I had, to forever cherish and the joy of having my sibs so close within a period of time so short, is one that lingers still, on my mind.

I must not forget the role of  looking after a people in their need for things far beond worldly, although done with the aim of  passing the ‘baton’ on but re conferred on an astonished me.

oh My oh!how about that! A little adventure and it was ignited, a little exploration and it made an appearance. It opened a window I never knew existed. It is like a crack, a little opening into my soul,the content of which entrapped, oblivious of anything beyond until that moment. It is that  thing  which money can not buy,  hand cannot hold and  eyes can see not. While it can make, it can also mar. what it left me with, I so am not sure except for a knowledge of the new path that I thread, the one that craves nothing but spontaneity. hmmmmn! is that some craving at all?


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  1. omooba
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 12:05:15

    You always blow my mind with your writings, keep it up.



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