#OccupyNigeria – Those Men Must Not Have Died in Vain


I didn’t realise the toll the occupy Nigeria movement was having on me until I could only sleep for two hours yesterday. Am dreading another  sleepless night that am too scare to look too much.

My allegiance, even though I never gave one could have been to the government, and that would have been perfect since Islam encourages giving in to our leaders. So, I looked on from the beginning, despite seeing it all clear , the incompetence of our government. Without making remarks.

I saw a call for revolution time and time again and even to that, I could only sigh. Then, finally came the #occupyNigeria movement and still, all I did was read what’s going on, feel the spirit of togetherness, read the debates from both sides and watch in amazement the creative sides of the struggle. Still, I did not allow the steam carry me away into uttering those words.

For being one of the 99% and for being far away from Nigeria, therefore away from the real protests, I could at least have been one of the many cyber activists who have kept the whole world informed of the ongoings, sharing pictures and updates. But I did not.

Suddenly, I took a turn, without realising it after seeing the gruesome murder of not one, not two of fellow Nigerians. People who have families, aspirations and who were just exercising their rights to be heard under a democracy. I started to add my own statements, not so sure if demeaning or against what I had believed in. but truly against the callous  turn of the powers that be against its own people. The same people who stood under rains, under sunshine to keep this government in place, hoping it would be the succor we need, hoping it is the beginning of a new era, the type to put food on our tables, smile on our faces. The type our children could be proud of . Hoping our toil was never in vain.

Now, it does appear in vain. But, from this moment shall never be in vain. Until the people involved in the killing of those young men are brought to book, until we are able to get just what we deserve and  until our leaders  see to it that social justice is supreme, I for one, would not be able to sleep and my inability to, would keep me awake and awake, I would be restless, restless in asking for justice for those young men must not have died in vain.


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  1. Sanni imam
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 01:02:51

    That was a nice piece.Succintly put.Even those who voted in defiance of logic and common sense are beginning to see the pain of voting the wrong Man.God bless Nigeria



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