When Will Nigeria Be Great Again

While growing up, no one had to tell me how great Nigeria was. The greatness was there to feel. Everyone knew about it. Talk of the man who thought his father’s farm was the biggest because he never entered someone else’s father’s and my peers and I were a perfect example. We believed in so many things as our patriotism was unshakable. Nigerians were so smart, that they led there classes whenever they go abroad. Our footballers weren’t bad either as they shook the world(Atlanta 96 ). We would even watch our age mates on TV make those amazing moves especially on independence day. I even heard someone say, no other nation does that better than us. Our military men too, looking fierce in those regalia would wave to us whenever we saw them on our way to school and we would be very happy they identified with us.

the attitude is still very much around

We also did have our indulgences. Yh! Bata was the place to buy our shoes and leventis stores wasn’t so far from where we lived, and even though I can’t remember actually buying anything from there, it was a sight to behold. The trans amusement park was also a wonder amusement. With no eateries flooding the streets as we have now, a good recreation, the park provided, a comparatively healthy one at that.

Of course, some not-too- good things were happening too.  Yh! I remember the june 12 rallies we used to see from our verandah and also, the we-no- go- gree demonstrations on TV. Beggars were always on the streets and we did hear of or witness armed robberies too.

But, in the mouth of majority of the people around us, is the slogan, ‘e go better’ and everyone did believe that. water supply was once a week. Unexpectedly, water would gush out from a tap and then the whole neighborhood would be in a frenzy, every one filling all the drums, bowls and buckets they have. On lucky days, we would get to fill our plates too. I remember my mum would tell us whenever there was power outage that soon, we would be able to have our own generator and especially when we move into our own house, life would be better. At that time, water would be more readily available too as we would have our own borehole. And as a little child, I would dream of a life without power outage and when there is one, our power generator to the rescue.

But unfortunately, the dream is still on. Not one of being able to afford a power generator but of the generator being able to keep working 24/7. The longest I have seen it (them) work is 12hrs, not to forget the many days without as there is usually a silencer, a belt or anything else not working , and with the recent fuel hike, much is  better left  to the imagination. Generators are not to augment the government supply but are the main supply with the government ones doing the augmenting, saving us some fuel and of course, some noise. Not forgetting the pollution.

Our few, well tarred streets are now rain water filled  pot holes. Gutters are filled with refuse and major roads are places for the display of wares. Markets are an eyesore. Our once amazing amusement park has nothing amusing in it with all rides rusted and nothing as a replacement . Even the UI zoo, which later became our all in one, is now flooded with the animals gone.  Our beautiful leventis store and others like it are closed down and all you can see taking over are eateries. The best sport Nigerians and of course the rich partake in is eating out- No better way to have a treat, in an affordable way too.

Now looking back, I see a not-too great Nigeria, that in its greatness was a reflection of hope, a better tomorrow. Tomorrow has come, it is now and we are worse than we were yesterday. We probably was on false hope. One that saw us finding the easiest  ways out . We have a today that can reshape another tomorrow. The tomorrow can be near depending on what we put into it.

When we start to nip our problems in the bud, when what we set to achieve is  for the common good of all,  when our water isn’t the one we can provide for our own selves, but a lasting solution into bringing the once functioning but rusted taps of old to work and when we make our governments responsible by collectively asking for what we deserve and not the pea nuts they give us. When our ’e go better’ is by action rather than just saying it with our mouth,  Nigeria can be great again. Great in the true sense of it.

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9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 18:29:08

    An interesting read.please let’s work on publishing it in some of d newspapers around.



  2. Md Harouna
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 11:43:55

    Nice peace. D fight 4 mis governance shld be evry1s biz. May GOD help us.



  3. ammeerrahh
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 19:28:39

    Amin. thank you!!



  4. olawriter
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 11:55:16

    LOL, I see an activist in-the-making. It is good to express yourself, it makes one a better person. Nigeria is simply evolving, many of the things you complained about will be sorted-out in the not too distant future. We all have a role to play in making Nigeria the great country that we want it to be.



  5. Folasayo
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:03:45

    Pls can i paste this in my sch



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