Today is like any other day! when you consider the 24 hours in it with an exclusion of the extraordinary intensity of the sun. But unlike every other day, started in a way, progressed in a way and is ending in a way(Put in mind every way is a complication).

I woke up to observe my salaat, in a way that it hasn’t been for a while. Realising I couldn’t stand to do anything after eating, I went back to bed. I have been sick for three days.

The first ring from my BFF couldnt even get me up. Yh! she needed to try harder and as would happen as God sent, the other ring got me started. The usual questions followed. ‘Are you there yet?’ Luckily we are in the same group, always tagging behind the other, whoever is walking behind as we move from one shift to the other and one end of town to another as the case may be.

Good for me the journey wouldn’t take more than five minutes and a five minutes lateness wouldn’t be such a big deal. The doctor would understand. Then, there I was and they hadn’t even started. The Woman was busy with other matters.

‘I could at least go and attend to my better affairs  now’ I thought.  And just then, someone dropped the shell- Our results would be out today. YEPARIPA! A nollywood movie would have followed that statement with a’gangan gangan’ sound leaving everyone waiting for the action to follow. In my case, a mere palpation of the heart would be enough to diagnose some palpitations as a sign of the flee or fight that comes with  fright. In a second, everything came back to mind like a flashback. I could remember the subjects I expected to pass well and the ones that ended as nightmares. The faces around me weren’t smiling at all. Many could not hold interesting conversations anymore and my BFF developed abdominal cramps, the type we call diarrhea for convenience(even though no motion was passed yet, there just was no better word to describe it :D).

I was calm, believe me. ‘This has been happening for five years and at the end of the day, it is just an unnecessarily uncomfortable moment’ I told those who cared to listen.’There’s after all no medicine after death as the papers were already marked’ I added. My sickness had vanished (now sounding like some early morning ish). It is like sleep confronting death or two irons hitting each other – one would have to give in to the other .

Two hours passed(approximately)and then the call came. Moving on into the school, the thought of the possible outcome lingered on. Rumors started flying around that the one many people failed would be merged with the one majority passed. An average would ensure success. That one sweet my belle even though I didn’t believe it. The irony of it is, the one I did best in is the one they claim  many failed :D.

Then came those women from the dean’s office, It was time. As my name was in the first 15(alphabetical order),  it didn’t take long. My BFF was ahead and she’d said alhamdulillah- hmmn! how I loved that. I took my paper, stamped and walked out of the room. A girl shouted my name 😮 and I blew her a kiss :). She is a pharmacy student who had been my group member during the last field trip. Outside, I opened my slip and I had an instant diplopia (metaphorical) .

Ehn ehn! alhamdulillah. I passed! All! 🙂

My other friends came out and we hugged one another. It was good to know we scaled through. Then came the discussions on which wasn’t well marked, how some weren’t as expected and more.. they’r just the petty talks that come with results viewing.

Just as we decided to count our blessings and move on, the other eyes around!some were crying. Oh my God! they failed? yh! some did and for that reason, I became sad. They are people like me who probably worked harder or were more dedicated to their work. But, what about some others who also passed as much as me and my friends but still wouldn’t smile. They wanted more, they thought they deserved better and couldn’t take it off their faces. At that moment, I further believed, that the world, what you get from it isn’t about what you put into it all of the time. Your happiness isn’t even about what you get from it. Something more divine plays a role. Your belief in the almighty as the one who decrees all things and your contentment with what you have, no matter how little go a long way.

Back at my lil comfort zone I was sleeping again? My  BFF called me and said she knew I was sleeping. She thought the day deserved some sleep celebrations. And I thought it deserved much more than that. So, the day’s gonna be ending in a way,SPECIAL..IA



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  1. goedkope trouwjurken
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 02:03:35

    The article is very interesting, I love it.Hope to be able to see such a wonderful thing.



  2. Tijani
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 09:49:30

    Good Read.Made me remember my Law School year actually.Was wondering when would make my request of you the subject of ur post. Would still appreciate your kind response.Thanks



  3. marys
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 05:47:42

    Good writing can be!



    Mar 20, 2012 @ 13:39:23

    Exciting information, thanks for sharing these in Today! The Yoruba Muslim Girl's Blog.



  5. ammeerrahh
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 11:41:44

    thanks all 🙂



  6. Latifah
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 11:35:43

    nice one there girl



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