Can I…Just write??

So You fit write your own #lobatan

So You fit write your own #lobatan

At a time I had written something on my wall and three people showed the thought that I was referring to them. One, my buddy, whom I had told, ‘Nahh, it isnt about you.’ and another I hinted, ‘Yh. something like that.’ The third was too proud to ask but reacted to it. No be my problem. I didn’t even bother to make him realise his mistake.

Since then, and due to other reasons, I decided that I wont write anything about anyone on my facebook wall nor on this blog or elsewhere. If I would include people, I’d mention their names, A, S, M e.t.c or make it clear that it has to do with somebody.

There are other things that flow into my mind but due to the conservative nature of the majority of the people I know, I leave them on my phone or jotters or just lingering on my mind.

But can I not just write?? and leave you all to your imaginations. Fiction or not. True or false. She would do that, has done it or is just playing with words??

What if I am hot like atarodo. I could have written a million others like it. I had saved one that reads- ‘when you lied to me’ in the past. Should every1 I have known start to react because they may have lied?

Ok..I won’t have to be telling everyone that I just want to write. That they should look to reasons for their problems elsewhere and stop pointing at my write ups and that they aren’t as important as to have me spend time writing on them. I’d just refer them to this one and they can stop sulking, keeping malice, feeling hurt and heartbroken when they can not stop thinking that my actions are towards them.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zee
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 15:20:25

    Write on gal….people will always have something to complain about.



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