Voices – Like broken eggs.


Eyin Lohun is a Yoruba proverb that means voices are like eggs, once spoken cannot be unspoken just like eggs, once broken can not be made whole.

I had written some sarcastic posts  on my face book wall today. Just before posting them, I had thought, what if I was wrong. But they were sarcastic enough to have fallen on both ends- positive or negative.

It has been done too often that writing and speaking ills of government officials or their families has become the norm in Nigeria. You wouldn’t blame the average Nigerian, because it has become an accepted means of providing succur to the masses. Everyone had joined in it. It had become the most cliche of everything cliche and naturally, I was doing that.  At the end, I thought it was after all sarcasm from my part- you could end up thinking I was boot licking or realise the sarcasm and either way, your interpretation would be dependent on your natural thought process. Eventually, what you make of it has more to do with you.I left the posts. Not deleted.

So, I had just posted the last one when I got the honorary invite for one- a dinner in her honour. The wife of a top government official, whose matter was the subject of my sarcastic posts had made a visit to my University. She had been honoured and my post had been in thoughts of how much of public funds was in use. I had cared too, that the little gift she had given us was probably  getting paid for by the tax paying Nigerians.

But what if I was wrong? could it not be possible that the money was hers? that she was truly deserving of the honour she got? Could it be possible that some individuals in government are actually honest and deserving of good names? Would it be right for all of us to get tagged as dishonest, scammers or 419ners because some Nigerians are so?

By the time these thoughts came on, I had already written those posts, a few people would have seen them, probably cussed someone they know nothing of out and I would have been responsible.

I so much wish we never had to get so cynical of others or not trusting. I wish we can always give a benefit of the doubt or at least leave out the sarcasms and the curse words plus hatred until we can prove who truly is a rogue.

It was a beautiful night out btw..with lots of fun things..


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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 01:56:15

    Nice 1.



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