I may be Bleaching!! 8-)


like this?? :-/

Oh Yes! An internet savvy Nigerian would know that. Or a Nigerian who spends a considerable amount of time browsing and reading Nigerian internet gossip sites.  The Nigerian would have at least read of the bleaching actress or musician or OAP. The signs are clear enough. They are either on the knees or the knuckles or evidenced by a dark look in an old  photo in contrast to the well moisturised, fair look in the new ones.

Ever since al jazeera’s report that claims 8 out of 10 Nigerian women bleach, everyone has become a suspect! Even though I believe 80% is an exaggeration, I never thought I’d become a victim.

No one even had to tell me, I just knew!! Going through some pictures I took some days ago, I saw a discrepancy on my hands- some parts were lighter and I couldn’t but smh at having joined the bandwagon 😀


or like that 🙂

But hey, I didn’t join out of free will. Fate had played its cards on me. I was involved in an accident about two years ago. My hands got burnt. I had  felt bad at how I’d have to carry such a scar forever. My dermatology had said not to worry, some grafting could be done if ever I get uncomfortable with how it healed. But it had healed perfectly fine except for the beach-like effects. 😦

So, in case, you know, you have been wondering 😉 Quit already.


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