Thanks to the Saudis :-)

It is a crazy world innit? The best everyone can do is at least pretend to be sane. :-/

…and then came the news that I’d rather know as a rumour at first, that Saudi was deporting based on looks. oh, Yh! really??

Who could be that good looking?.. and the search began. Thanks to the Saudis, the whole world came to know of the film maker, the cutest of Dubai and most probably, the most notable Arab face of the  Year.

Thanks to them, I had looked- but the first look was okay, the second a sin. How many second/third looks for every of the picture starring at our faces on the internet?

Thanks to the Saudis, I have made a comment, not flattering though- which may have been a sin.

Thanks to them once again for giving the word, haram a new definition. Who could have known that ‘good looks’ aren’t befitting of the holy land.2013-04-29-23-55-10-455715922

Thanks to the Saudis that a considerable amount of time was spent, during lecture hours *covers face*, telling the know-nots of the intriguing news.

and Thanks to them, finally, for bringing it to my mind that nothing defines hot more than the Nija sun-beaten,square jawed, dark skinned, fit, Yoruba man 😛



There are reports that the events didn’t happen as the media reported it. May Allah forgive you and me.


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