My heart is beating FAsT!!!

I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. My heart is beating so fast it could just fall off. ;-D or find its way out of my mouth. Gross.

Today is friday and I am yet to call my lawyer :-). Yes!! I have me a lawyer..and I promised to call her every friday.

But that is not the issue right now. The issue is that of my beating HeARt. Of course, my heart should beat! I aint dead yet :-\ but at the same time it shouldn’t have to be so ooo alive.

So tomorrow am gonna see why it did not have to beat so hard. I mean, this is not the first time that I am checking a result or something like that..why then does this have to get so heart popping..and why the drama?

It is gonna be good. THat is the normal me talking..the me that has got me this far. It also says things like, everything’s gonna be fine..Allah knows… what happened. I have changed, for the worse better?

Tomorrow’s gat to be good..and I’ll tell you why, maybe later.

And about my lawyer? Soon too..

Just pray for me. Please 😉


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