I am a Shark or I am a Fish?


A go-getter shark or a docile Fish?

Kristina had told the black guy about them being sharks. I am a shark too or so I think. Or do I see myself as what I am supposed to be rather than whom I really am?

But I really am a go-getter. I want something, I go grab it. That is how she describes em Sharks!!

I am one!!

But what happens when you do want it and go get it but just can’t reach it? Villagepeopleinvolved?

Maybe it isn’t enough getting Sharky. Other factors involved. So you have got to know the terrain.

There are usually three steps to it. Knowing what you want, how to get it, and finally getting it.

In a larger world, the sharks win but in communal ones, you get each other’s back, safe in each other’s embrace and share from the ocean water. You don’t bully the docile fish, you don’t get to be a Shark.

You keep your sharky teeth and display your fishy colours but never forgetting your sharky self until an opening that needs filling, an invader that needs biting.

Be a shark fish!


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