Wow!! I’m back, like the 100th time :D

I am a very spontaneous person..and that’s how I’m back and yes! to blogging.

I have gone through my previous posts. It felt so unreal. I was like, Oh! I did write that, and that too..yeah!!

My need to be here is born out of a longing to write, and write..and I have done quite some of those that I posted on whatsapp and some other platforms that people liked…I am thinking of continuing here. Will make some changes to my previous posts, maybe.

Yes. I’m going to make a few changes, like, have a domain name and talk less about me and probably be a social commentator. It has got to be fun.

It’s the change era in Nigeria anyway and a lot has changed since I last blogged. (in whispers) I am an entirely different person now!! ehn ehn! I finished medical school and I work now. I’m also hmmmmn…

ok..let’s see where this goes and let’s hope I stay blogging.

la la la la laa laaaaaaaaa 😉


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