Eid al Adha- What You should do

Salam alaykum

Today is yaom al Arafah. Alhamdulillah. What a blessed day. I hope you are fasting.

Tomorrow is eid mashaAllah!!!!!!!!!!. I know I don’t have to peep in to know you have beautiful things in those boxes, wrappers, bags, or wardrobe- all for tomorrow!!!!!!. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day, it would be fun filled InshaAllah. Awaiting it gives so much joy, so much hope. hmmmmn You really are Lucky if you are with your family. I hope am with mine too 😦 . The good thing however is, I actually am with them, My Muslim Sisters. Together, we make an Islamic family. So, am still so happy like you are, Oops! Oh! Or is there someone who is so far away from any kind of family ?? Cheer up! Its all good and it  is the way Allah wishes it to be! No matter how its gonna be, something common to all of us is the blessings of Allah which we all are lucky to be having. For sparing our lives till this moment, We are thankful to Him.

Now do we just go for eid or do we go for eid, maximizing its benefits ???. I know you’d choose the latter just like me #smartMuslims. Certain things make it Eid while others are the manners expected of us on eid day.let us start with the former

Rulings on eid.

  • Fasting– to fast on eid day is forbidden. On eid-l adha(the eid that involves killing a ram), we are enjoined not to eat until after eid prayers whereas, during eid-l-fitr(after Ramadan), to eat something, even if it is as little as a date is enjoined.
  • Eid prayers– this is to be observed, preferably in the open. Women are to attend too even if they are menstruating But menstruating women are to stay at the back and not with the people praying.

Concerning the prayer

-The takbeer during the first raka’ah is seven and five for the second rakaah. If you miss any of them, you don’t have to say them back(they are not compulsory aspects of the prayer)

– if you miss the whole prayer, you can have your own.

-many people make the mistake of observing nafila when they get to the prayer ground. That is wrong. The eid prayer itself is a nafilah and so you don’t need to say another one. But, if the prayers is taking place inside a mosque, you can observe tahiyat al masjid(the two rakaah nafila that is observed whenever one enters a mosque).

  • Khutbah(sermon) – this is done after the prayer. It is not compulsory that you listen to it. But like a smart Muslim, I would InshaAllah – Why get a little of the blessings when I can have them all!!
  • Killing of a ram

Adab (manners of eid)

  • To take a bath– for God’s Sake, it is a day of festivity, Everyone should be clean. Purity is emphasized in Islam and on a day like this, further emphasized. It is okay to just have a bath. But better to have a ghusl(ritual bath) too. To clip the nails, shave pubic hairs are acts of cleanliness that Islam encourages. But for people who are to offer the sacrifice, to clip the nails, shave or cut their hairs is not permissible for the first ten days of dhul hijjah. They can only do these after they have done their sacrifice. Doing them doesn’t however nullify the sacrifice.
  • Takbeer– praises of Allah are to be said by all and aloud. This should start from the maghrib before the eid day until We get to the mosque and the Imam comes to lead Us in saying it.

Here, I need the attention of all. This is how the prophet taught it, Unlike what many of us, especially Nigerians are used to.

Allahu Akbaru llahu Akbar
LaillahaillaAllahu Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar walillahi l hamd.

In case you know of the additions, Allahu akbaru kabira wal hamdulillah kathira wasubhanallahi bukrata wa asila… desist from saying them. Even though they are good wordings, there is no proof(except you provide one) for these statements as regards eid  and Allah knows best.

  • Looking your best- we all know that, I think 🙂 🙂
  • To walk  walk to the mosque– encouraged.
  • To take a different route– to take a route different from the one we took to the masjid.
  • Congratulating one another– oh yh! We are to shake one another. Even people you never knew, on the day of eid. We are enjoined to say good words to one another. These are permissible in our local dialects too. But from the life of the prophet, we learn of this

Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum.( may allah accept it from us and from you)

Other  forms of greeting on Eid day are-

A ku odun A ku iyedun. Emi a se pupo e (Yoruba)

Kulu ‘am wa antum bikhayr(may you be well all through the year)

kulu sana wa antum toyyibeen

Eid Mubarak(Arabic)

Barka de sallah(hausa)

Add yours pls..


-Some people stand up in the night counting down to twelve a.m- haba! That is not in Islam o. it is a practice of the non-believers.

-some stand up in the night to have special prayers. Muslims are to wake up for this prayers whether or not it is The day of eid. Attaching special importance to the prayer on this day is disallowed.
– what type of entertainment are you gonna be having- some Muslims serve alcoholic drinks! They tell you it is for their christian friends. That is haram. If you do this, you are reducing your blessings of the day and sinning against Allah

May Allah help us get the best of this day And May he bless us with long lives that we may Celebrate many more Eids

To You all I say, taqabalallahu minna wa minkum. A ku odun, A ku iyedun, Emi a se pupo laye!!!!

A ku odun


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