Ghaddafi’s death!- lessons to learn

I was going to keep quiet over this. But I decided, enough of that. The death of Ghadaffi didnt come as a shock So I thought we would most probably be saying the same things we have been saying since the ‘revolution’ started except for a new talk on the humiliation and then the reflection over how much power, money, influence and so on do not really matter when death beckons, when the will of God is to be established. But, I changed my mind for reasons I keep away from this write-up.

The first thing to note and that comes to my mind in Situations like this is the thought that God is the only supreme being. The rich can become poor, Presidents go and others come, Kings die and relieve their duties and Dictators do die on the streets. Let no one take power to be their birth right and then hang on to it as if they will never die. It should be seen as a test, something to run away from. Allah says-

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, ‘we believe’ and that they will not be tested?(29:2)

Also, Allah says-

And  If Allah did not check one set of people by means of another, the World would indeed be full of mischief (2;51)  

What happened to Ghaddafi only confirms the above verse. Do you think you are so powerful that you can not be checked by others? You would surely be checked and the world could thereby be relieved of some mischief. Note that this verse is in relation with what happened to Goliath. He was checked by the action of David.

Oh Ghaddaffi was truly bad. He committed all sorts of atrocities, But did he truly deserve to die the way he did? This is something  that has been bothering me. I didn’t sleep well the night he died-Maybe, I shouldn’t have seen the video!
In an Islamic setting, this manner of killing has no place. The almighty doesn’t need a structured system for His will to be carried out. But every partaker in it would be questioned on their role. We should always be careful of how emotions guide our ways. He could have been made a prisoner, tried in a court and sentenced as required.  This just reminds me of the athar on a companion of the prophet who met a disbeliever on a battle field. The disbeliever spitted on him and as  he was about to strike the disbeliever with his sword, he remembered his intention had changed. he wasn’t going to strike him for the sake of Allah but out of anger for the spit. He retracted as a result. This is the kind of manner in which every Muslim should behave even in the most difficult situations.

I was surprised that Many people think of the war in Libya with respect to Islam as to see it as a victory for or defeat against Islam. Don’t be confused people. What happened in Libya is totally political. But majority of the people involved are Muslims. Ghaddafi’s rule wasn’t an Islamic one, so if you are rejoicing because you are anti-Islam, it is time you get an education. And Muslims should avoid being divided over this Issue. There is little our argument on whether Islam agrees with this kind of revolution would achieve.
Baseline is, the Arab nations are going through a trying time and Muslims from other parts of the world are worried and of course we have to be, for the people involved are our brethren-whether right or wrong.

Some people are rejoicing over Ghaddafi’s death. No one should rejoice over someone else’s death, I think. His death should serve as a reflection for you- something that brings death to your consciousness. Are you aware of how your own death would be. Where it is going to happen and the circumstances that would surround it? Are you even in a position to judge anyone based on what you read and hear? when you arent sure of their relationship with God? Can you beat your chest and tell the whole world that you would be in a better position than this man on the day of reckoning?? Food for thought this is.

Having said these, I only hope that something good happens after now; that the people of Libya wouldn’t be further divided and that the country would be built back, starting with an Islamic foundation.


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